Back to The Army Gym – with Nigel Cabourn

Back to The Army Gym – with Nigel Cabourn

It’s January and after the excesses of the festive season it’s now all about getting fit and healthy for the year ahead. New year, new you as they say.

For Nigel Cabourn, however, this doesn’t really apply, as he keeps exercising all year round – even at Christmas. So how does he do it?





For him it’s all about having an exercise regime he can do anytime, anywhere. Working with his trainer Mike, they’ve devised a routine that’s not dependent on being in a gym or using the equipment there.

“My training is pretty old school and military based – using body weight as resistance to improve strength, mobility and endurance,” says Cabourn.

“It usually involves a lot of running up and down steps carrying the only bit of equipment I use regularly – my vintage Lonsdale medicine balls.”

Cabourn also uses the medicine balls, which he takes on his many travels, to do squats and throwing and lifting exercises. “When I do go to the gym I do a real mix of training – can be anything from boxing or table tennis to pushing a big tyre up and down the stairs! It’s a very basic gym and very cold – which is why I wear my Army Gym sweats in layers.”

He’s also a great believer in getting outdoors and regularly runs, rides his fat bike or goes hiking.

“It does involve a lot of willpower to get up early every day and do some form of exercise – but it makes me feel good and really sets me up for the day. As you get older you realise that you need to invest time in keeping healthy especially if you want to carry on doing what you love. I love my work and want to carry on designing for as long as I can so living a healthy life is very important to me.”

We put our model Dorian through a Nigel style work out at London Community Boxing ( He’s wearing all Nigel Cabourn Army Gym sweats, which are made from specially developed 100% cotton jersey and look great worn in layers in and out of the gym.

Available now online and in store and if you buy two pieces from this collection you get a Nigel Cabourn tote bag free – perfect for carrying your gym kit in.


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