In Depth: Mackintosh

In Depth: Mackintosh

In Depth: Mackintosh

As a lot of you will know, a large portion of our Authentic outerwear is produced by Mackintosh. It’s a partnership that goes back a long way—with the company’s commitment to creating seriously high-quality clothing in the UK making them the perfect people to work with. Just recently the skilled team at Mackintosh helped to create our Nam Coat and the Cactus Work Jacket.

As well as these Cabourn-designed pieces, we’re proud to say we’re now stocking a small range of Mackintosh’s own creations—the Torrent Jacket, the Teeming Jacket and the London Jacket. Whilst each piece has been created for the modern age—they all follow the tradition of expertly-crafted raincoats which Mackintosh began just shy of 200 years ago in the early 19th century.

Mackintosh Jacket

Mackintosh Rain coat
Thanks to its obvious practical benefits, the Mackintosh quickly found favour with anyone who spent time outdoors, and over the years specialist versions were made for equestrians, the military and rail-workers—each designed with unique functional details fit for their purpose.

A Royal Navy officer by the name of Peter Falkett even made a ‘boat-cloak’ using that trademark rubberised fabric. Designed first-and-foremost for perilous river crossings, this bizarre creation could be worn as a cape during an expedition, before being quickly inflated to become a small dinghy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Peter’s idea didn’t catch on.

Small boats aside, the widespread use of the Mackintosh meant that over time the name became synonymous with raincoats, and even now the term ‘mac’ is used to describe any full-length water-resistant coat—whether it’s a fully-fledged trench-coat or a single-breasted balmacaan—regardless of who made it.

That said, there’s only one Mackintosh, and whilst the brand has gone through a few changes over the last 198 years, it’s still dedicated to creating wearable, functional raincoats.

The Torrent Jacket is a mid-length version of the tried-and-tested Mackintosh, made from densely-woven cambric cotton which has been treated with a water-resistant finish. A fair bit lighter than the original rubberised fabric, it’s got a soft, crisp handle that works perfectly for those summer afternoons when the clouds are looking slightly dubious.

Teeming Jacket

For those looking for something a bit shorter, there’s The Teeming Coach Jacket. Taking design cues from American coach jackets, it’s made from lightweight nylon, and features press-studs down the front instead of the usual buttons.

And finally, there’s the London Jacket - the longest of the macs we stock - it’s a modern take on the classic design. A true minimalist masterpiece, it features the traditional collar and throat-latch, along with some more contemporary additions in the shape of an inside phone pocket and that light nylon fabric.

Each jacket is made in Britain to the outstanding level you’d expect from the historic name, designed with the unpredictable British weather in mind.

London Mackintosh Jacket