Revisiting Cabourn Quarantunes

Revisiting Cabourn Quarantunes

Revisiting Cabourn Quarantunes

A whole year has passed since the world was hit with a Covid-19 pandemic and the UK went into its first lockdown. To keep you entertained through the difficult times, we introduced a series of Cabourn Quarantunes to our store’s Spotify. We asked some of our favourite artists, customers who are now friends and family of the store to compile their favourite tracks into a playlist for us all to enjoy.

With our Army Gym London store due to open hopefully soon, we thought it would be a good time to revisit a few of the playlists that were put together and mention the names of a few involved in putting some great music together.

Starting with our longest playlist, if you watched the popular Netflix ‘Killing Eve’ series, you will have heard David Holmes work as he composed the soundtracks, along with Sight and Mindhorn. With four hours of audio-gold, Holmes queued the likes of Ennio Morricone and Arthur Russel. Take a listen here. 

David Holmes

Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip was also included, kicking off his playlist with Robert Wyatt, along with George Jones and composer Terry Riley. Another recognisable name to join us is Andy Bell, former Oasis member, who included shoegaze legends Ride as well as GLOK, his electronic solo project.

Alexis Taylor

Not to mention the others who we had the pleasures of welcoming to our playlist series, including VC Pines, as mentioned in our journal ‘SS21 Lybro Featuring VC Pines’; Redg Weeks; Curses; Shabaka Hutchins; Nigel Cabourn himself and many more.


We can’t wait to welcome back all our lovely customers back to the store just in time for the summer. We hope to be back alongside our customers: Da Hennrietta, Cora Pearl, Sticks ‘n’ Sushu, Edwin and Oliver Sweeney, to name a few.

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