The Land Rover Diaries, featuring Nigel Cabourn

The Land Rover Diaries, featuring Nigel Cabourn

The Land Rover Diaries, featuring Nigel Cabourn

Earlier this month, Theo Measures and Matt Croucher, two explorers from England, headed into the Oman desert with not much more than a Land Rover and some of their favourite Nigel Cabourn pieces, read their story below…

Words by Theo Measures.

“On the 8th September, we began a trip that would see us endure a gruelling 15-hour drives through barren desert landscapes, battle a full range of extreme weather conditions from the 45c dry heat of the world’s largest continuous sand desert, the famous ‘Empty Quarter’ (or ‘Rub’ al Khali’),then onto the altogether more moist offering of the monsoon (or ‘Khareef’) season that sweeps the Omani Coastline of Salalah in the region of Dhofar, where the once tribal mountains of Thesiger’s ‘Arabian Sands’ meet the Indian ocean.

Adding to our plight were an array of insects that evidently enjoyed the taste of us as much as we enjoyed our freshly BBQ’d crab, caught on the beaches of a town called Mirbat, which was made famous by a ferocious battle that took place on 19th July 1972 and saw just nine SAS soldiers accompanied by 25 Omani Gendarmerie and 30 Balochi Askari hold off an assault on the Omani people by more than 300 communist backed Adoo Guerillas, marching across the border from Yemen.

Mirbat was a town that held a special significance for both of us, but particularly for my companion Matt Croucher, a George Cross winning Royal Marines Commando. As for the insects, they devoured almost every inch of us, night after night.

Our goal was to drive the vehicle, which had kindly been supplied to us by Land Rover (the very special new Range Rover Sport HST) from the point at which the United Arab Emirates meet the Persian Gulf at Dubai, down through the harsh and unforgiving Hajar Mountain range, then navigate through the massive expanse of the Empty Quarter before tackling the stunningly green but very foggy and extremely muddy Dhofar mountains to finally arrive for a two day culture filled break in Salalah, all before splitting the 23hr drive back to Dubai via Oman’s incredible coastline in half, with a one day stop at the ancient city of Nizwa; Oman’s capital city of old.

Without the excellent pieces that were generously sent to us we would have run the very serious risk of being dismissed by the Omani people as the Neanderthals we almost certainly are, instead of enjoying a range of clothes that offered us the versatility, practicality and hardiness our expedition demanded, all the while allowing us to look and feel great.

Furthermore on our return to Dubai, Matt as the Founder and myself as a Director and Trustee of the charity Action Against Poaching, were filming for the forthcoming documentary, Boots On The Ground. The film focuses on individuals that are on the front line of often dangerous anti-poaching and conservation projects in Africa. Once again our Nigel Cabourn clothes stood up to long days of filming in the desert, keeping us cool, comfortable and more than presentable.

"It was our firm belief in Nigel Cabourn as a true outerwear specialist that compelled us to make contact with the man and the brand ahead of our amazing journey. One of our missions during the expedition was to explore the Range Rover Sport HST as both a machine of extreme capability and also conversely of unique luxury, style and design; it is for those reasons that we can now confirm that Nigel Cabourn was indeed the perfect partner for us.”