Nigel Cabourn Press (Jan 2022)

Nigel Cabourn Press (Jan 2022)

Nigel Cabourn Press (Jan 2022)

Fine (Magazine) - 8 January 2022
Including K-3 British Wool Roll Neck, Vault by Vans collab - OG Authentic LX (camo) and J-14 Drawstring Pant

Press Page - Fine Magazine January 2022

 Permanent Style - 14 January 2022

Including Down Parka From NIGEL CABOURN: How Great Things Age


2nd (Magazine) - 16 January 2022
Including Army Cargo pant, Dutch Pant in Camo and Basic Chino Pant

Press Page - 2nd Magazine January 2022

Leon (Magazine) - 25 January 2022
Including the US Navy Pea Coat and Army Cargo Pant in Brush Camo

Press Page - Leon Magazine January 2022

Lightning (Magazine) - 28 January 2022
Featuring the Nigel Cabourn x Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO split sneaker

Press Page - Lightning Magazine January 2022