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Recycle & Reinvest Programme

Recycle and Reinvest Programme

At Nigel Cabourn, being an ethically conscious company is a core principle we carry through our brand ethos. We want to minimise the amount of waste we produce as a company. Despite our efforts of creating long-lasting garments, there may come a point when you decide to part with them. As part of our ongoing mission to achieve this, we are offering our customers the chance to recycle their pre-loved Cabourn items.

What is the Recycle & Reinvest Programme? 

The recycle & reinvest programme is a way in which us at Nigel Cabourn, and you the Cabourn customer, can minimise the amount of waste produced. We offer an easy and accessible trade-in service, that allows us to responsibly recycle your Cabourn pieces and reduce their environmental impact once they reach the end of their wearable life.

    • As a reward for your contribution, a voucher will reflect the value of your Cabourn trade-in, ranging between £30 - £100, depending on the item.

How to get involved?  

Please email and include full details of the item you would like us to recycle we will take it from there.

Please provide us with the following:  

    • Details of your item  
    • Photo of the front 
    • Photo of the back  
    • Any possible defects