Nigel Cabourn Press (September 2021)
Nigel Cabourn Press (September 2021)

Nigel Cabourn Press (September 2021)

Nigel Cabourn Press (September 2021)

Magazine Title: KINARINO - 4 September 2021

Including - Mac Coat - Double Hem Chino

Magazine Title: - 6, 8 September 2021

Including - Basic Chino - Ruffle Blouse

Magazine Title: CLUEL homme - 8 September 2021

Including - Nigel Cabourn AD - Running trainer Military - Running Trainer Mountain

Magazine Title: - 9 September 2021

Including - Factory Jean 

Magazine Title: LaLa Begin - 10 September 2021 

Including - Mods Coat shirt - Basic Chino 

Magazine Title: FUDGE - 10 September 2021

Including - Ruffle Blouse - Double Hem Chino 

Magazine Title: CLUEL - 10 September 2021

Including - Nigel Cabourn WOMAN AD

Magazine Title: Esquire THE BIG BLACK BOOK FALL 2021 - 14 September 2021

Including - Swiss army Rucksack Peat Label 

Magazine Title: Begin - 16 September 2021

Including - Vault OG Authentic LX Camo - Vault OG Authentic LX Navy - Vault OG Authentic LX White - Vault OG Classic Slip-on LX Carpet - Vault OG Classic Slip-on LX Army - Vault OG mStyle 23 LX - Vault OG mStyle 24 LX - Gentlemen PT H/W Beanssack 

Magazine Title: 2nd - 16 September 2021

Including - 4Way High Neck Shirt - Motorcycle Coat Halftex - British Mountain PT C/N - 50s British Battle Dress PT - Hoglofs x Nigel Cabourn - Beanie - OW-11 Nam Coat Classic - 40s Engineer Coat Moleskin 

Magazine Title: Safari - 24 September 2021

Including - Mountain Rib Socks Wool - P-57 Piped Pant Cotton Ripstop - J-4 Embroidered Arrow Hoodie - S-52 Updated Long Sleeve POH - KJ-54 Zip Military JK HB - 

HYPEBEAST (Website) 19 September 2021

Including Nigel Cabourn and Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Reconnect for Shoe Collection


Nigel Cabourn and Maison Mihara Yasuhiro have joined forces for another shoe collection. The third collaboration from the two entities was inspired by the Swiss army rucksack, which is one of Cabourn’s favorite archival pieces.

The rucksack was originally used by the Swiss Army and was later utilized by ex-soldiers and mountaineers because of its comfort. Its characteristic heavy-duty canvas was created by blending cotton yarn with twisted stinging nettle fibers, offering a distinct black and white camouflage texture.

For the collection, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro recreated the blended heavy-duty canvas in Japan with an updated technique that used only 100 percent cotton. The Swiss green runner features a tonal color palette with a dark rippled midsole and was designed using a hand-shaped clay mold. The design is then complimented by suede which utilized the black and white camouflage texture. Additionally, the runners feature oversized laces, which were inspired by the cotton herringbone details on the inside of the Swiss army rucksack.

The second pair features a red-clay color palette, which was inspired by the tan leather base and strapping details on the rucksack. The runner also features a white rippled midsole with a touch of signature Cabourn orange. A tan rough suede base, the black and white camouflage texture and the oversized natural-colored laces complete the shoe.

Magazine Title: MEN’S CLUB - 24 September 2021

Including - Basic Chino Pant

Magazine Title: - 24 September 2021

Including - Helmet Bag Leather 

Magazine Title: MFL Vol. 12 - 24 September 2021 

Including - Nigel Cabourn x Vault By Vans 

Magazine Title: men’s FUDGE - 25 September 2021

Including - New Medical Shirt - Mountain Rib Sock Wool - 4Way High Neck Shirt - OW-53 Track Smock Co Nylon - 40s Pea Coat 

HYPEBEAST (Website) 27 September 2021

Including Haglöfs Taps Nigel Cabourn For “Retro-Future” Capsule

Haglöfs has enlisted the help of British outerwear label Nigel Cabourn for a concise capsule entitled “IC3”, which pays tribute to the pair’s mountain heritage.

Drawing inspiration from Haglöfs’ extensive 107 year history, the collection — which was co-designed by British designers Nigel Cabourn and Piers Thomas — doesn’t intend to be vintage, but instead evoke a new “retro-future” design.

As well as finding artistry through the Haglöfs archives, the pair also found originality in Sir Edmond Hillary’s 1953 Everest expedition. The IC3 Down Parka is the most obvious nod to the feat, a garment that has been updated with the brand’s high performance fabrics.

Despite being inspired by the past, the collection is also designed with everyday life in-between mountain expeditions in mind. It’s for this reason the capsule is more lifestyle-oriented than previous collections, although its build — with the inclusion of GORE-TEX, Polartec and down — means it’s ready for any occasion

Take a look at the full collection in the slides above, all of which is available from both Haglöfsand Nigel Cabourn webstores.

Magazine Title: - 28 September 2021 

Including - Mountain Socks Shirt - Folklore Pleats Skirt 

Magazine Title: GO OUT WEB - 28 August 2021

Including - Nigel Cabourn x Vault By Vans - Vault OG Authentic LX Camo - Vault OG Authentic LX Navy - Vault OG Authentic LX White - Vault OG Classic Slipon LX Carpet - Vault OG Style 24 LX - Vault x NC Chore Coat - Vault x NC Woven - Vault x NC Hoodie 

HYPEBEAST (Website) 30 September 2021

Including Vault by Vans Enlists Nigel Cabourn for Military-Inspired Fall 2021 Capsule

Nigel Cabourn brings his elevated DIY aesthetic to the latest Vault by Vans series.

Nigel and his collaborator Emilie Casiez, who runs his womenswear line, take inspiration from military bags and clothing from the ’40s to ’70s, to create rugged and functional unisex apparel and footwear. Featured pieces utilize thick textiles, custom jacquards, brushed and chipped metal vent holes, custom camp linings, hand-drawn details, and decorative stitching.

Multiple footwear models are introduced lead by the Vault OG Authentic LX in three new colorways including army camouflage, natural/navy, and colorblocked mixed navy. Each OG Authentic LX features custom details including a red foxing strip, natural canvas overlays, and frayed fabric finishes. Apparel items are highlighted by a Chore Coat, graphic crew neck fleece pullover, and Loden Green cap.

“I am very pleased to introduce my first collaboration with Vault by Vans,” Nigel Cabourn shared in a press release. “This exciting unisex collection is filled with fun designs inspired by my recent trips to California and Japan. Combining surf style with classic Cabourn military, a strong colour story, and graphical influences, I really think we have come together to achieve a great, relaxed, après surf-inspired collection.”

Magazine Title: Cal - 30 September 2021

Including - Army Cargo Pant

Magazine Title: Lightning - 30 September 2021

Including - JK-51 Welders Chore JKT - French Work Jacket - P-54 Factory Dungaree Camo OW-53 Track Smock Co Nylon 

Magazine Title: GO OUT - 30 September 2021

Including - Nigel Cabourn x Vault By Vans - Vault OG Authentic LX White - Vault OG Classic Slipon LX Army 


Including - B. Army P/O Linen Twill - Leather Suspenders 

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