AW 15 Authentic Campaign Shoot

AW 15 Authentic Campaign Shoot

At Nigel Cabourn we like to keep everything as authentic as possible.  So when it came to shooting campaign shots for the AW15 Authentic collection, which is inspired by the 1955-58 Crossing of the Antarctic expedition led by Edward Hillary and Vivian Fuchs, the team duly packed their rucksacks and took a trip up a glacier.

With the help of local mountain guide, Blaise Rouiller, photographer Matt Hind along with the Cabourn team of Drew Holmes and Jim Nettleton, made their way via ski-doos on to Les Diableret in the Swiss Alps.  The idea was for Blaise, Drew and Jim to be shot by Matt pitching the Nigel Cabourn Ventile tent wearing the Nigel Cabourn Authentic clothing in a similar environment as it might have been worn in the 1950s.

Take a look.  We think the results are almost as stunning as the scenery.



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