Dr Huw Lewis visits the Garden House

Dr Huw Lewis visits the Garden House

In 1955 two teams of explorers, one headed up by Sir Vivian Fuchs and the other headed up by Sir Edmund Hillary, set off to cross Antarctica from the North and South Points meeting in the middle in January 1958.  The Nigel Cabourn Authentic collection for AW15 celebrates the 60th Anniversary of this epic feat and takes design influences from the book ‘Crossing of Antarctica’ by George Lowe, who was part of the original expedition and modern day explorer, Dr Huw Lewis-Jones.

Very sadly, George Lowe died not long after the completion of this inspirational book but Huw Lewis-Jones, who is an expert on polar history and has been to Antarctica numerous times, paid a visit Garden House recently with one of the world’s leading expedition and adventure photographers, Martin Hartley.  They brought with them a surprise for Nigel and the team – a selection of the original clothing worn by the 1955 expedition team.  To see and handle these garments was a rare opportunity and one, which was relished by all –  especially Nigel, as you can tell from the photographs!


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