Coming into its third season, the Nigel Cabourn Army Gym range has fast become one of our most popular collections. Inspired by sportswear used for basic training during WW2, this range focuses on military style and functional fitness cotton sweats. 

One very early morning the team ventured to Tynemouth’s sunny shores with Nigel to document his fitness regime and take a look at some of his favourite Army Gym pieces.



1. Why Tynemouth?  What is it about there and how many times a week do you visit to exercise? 

I usually head up to Tynemouth on Saturday and Sunday, it is more of a weekend place for me. I tend to go mainly because of the fresh air, I think you get a different feeling from exercising outside by the sea also the view is fantastic up there! You have to work harder outside as well I think and it’s all about finding other things to train with, for example, doing press ups on benches and running up and down steps but it does make it more interesting.

2. You use old-fashioned medicine balls during your work out. Why in particular do you like exercising with them / how did that start? 

That started due to my interest in boxing.  Usually in old boxing studios they have medicine balls. Visually, I love the look of the Lonsdale medicine balls, they look vintage and authentic which I like. I tend to take them away with me when I travel, as I think it makes exercising more fun.

3. Can you tell us about your exercises – for example the medicine ball against the wall, or the medicine ball squats?

My trainer Mike introduced me to this style of exercise. He owns an old boxing gym and I’ve been training with him for the past three years. Every day when we train he teaches me a new exercise, which works different muscles. So the medicine ball squats, which I do regularly, are good for the arms, abs and glutes. I think the exercise where I throw the medicine ball against the wall, was something I saw on a film!

4. Why do you choose to go to Riley’s Fish Shack? 

Well again, the view is fantastic and the food is so fresh! It always feels good after a workout to go and have some healthy fresh fish. It is just perfect and also great to support a local business.



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