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Recycle & Reinvest Program

Recycle and Reinvest Program 

Our focus here at Nigel Cabourn is to work on becoming a more ethically conscious company. As part of our ongoing mission to achieve this, we are offering our customers the chance to recycle their pre-loved Cabourn items. 

What is the Recycle & Reinvest program? 

The Recycle & Reinvest program is a way in which you can breathe new life into your old Cabourn pieces. We offer repair and trade-in services. We pride ourselves on designing and producing products that last, and this program allows us to extend the life of Cabourn pieces. 

    • A voucher will reflect the value pre-loved you traded in which, ranges between £30 - £100 depending on item but can be more for higher value items 

If you are interested?  

Please email and include full details of the item you would like us to recycle we will take it from there.

Please provide us with the following:  

    • Details of your item  
    • Photo of the front 
    • Photo of the back  
    • Any possible defects